Megabite Electronics is a nationwide distributor of a variety of quality and affordable military spares. We are proudly partnered with a few different manufacturers, including Data Bus Products Corp.

Data Bus Products Corp. is the total solution provider for all your MIL-STD-1533 requirements. Among the product selection of Data Bus are:

  • Single / Dual / 3 to 8 Stub Flange Mounting Couplers
  • Relays & Switches
  • Single / Dual / Three and Four Inline couplers
  • Terminators / Dummy loads PL75, PL375, PL155, PL3153
  • Connectors & Adapters
  • Cable Assemblies MIL-C-17/176-00002
  • Cable Twinax

What is MIL-STD-1553? Well, it is a government standard that describes a serial communication network used for avionics integration. Okay, so what does that mean? It essentially is a description of the communication network or digital Data Bus as it is known and is basically a militarized local network (LAN).

MIL-STD-1553 Components

  1. A bus controller, which controls the information on the Data Bus.
  2. A remote terminal, which can be embedded or a standalone and reacts to the messages sent via the bus controller and integrates subsystems to the bus.
  3. And lastly there is the bus monitor, which is used for monitoring and testing the bus, while providing data acquisition capability.

The Data Bus hardware consists of a cable, box couplers and inline couplers, terminators, connectors/adapters and relays. To learn more about Data Bus Products Corp. please check out their website.

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