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A National Stock Number (NSN) is also called a NATO Stock Number. This is a 13 digit numeric code that helps to identify and standardize any items of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. All treaty countries use this standardization for their materials and even includes countries that are not a part of NATO. If an item has a national stock number it is considered to be "stock-listed."

Military Spares QuotesNumber Structure

The National Stock Number consists of two numbers that are combined together. These numbers are:

  • Federal or National Supply Classification (FSC or NSC)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN)

Federal Supply Classification Group

This is the initial subgroup and are the first four digits of the 13 digit stock number. However, these opening four digits are merely for classification purposes, as they do not specifically identify the item.

These numbers were initially an attempt to keep similar type items close together. However, as the number of items has steadily increased it is not always possible to keep these items together. This increase has led to a more complicated system and the chance for items that are similar to be categorized in different sections.

National Item Identification Number 

These are the final nine digits of the stock number. Though the total number is 13, these nine digits themselves uniquely identify the item. The first two of these digits are used to record which country first codified the item, or, in other words, the country of origin. These two digits are identified by either CC for Country Code or NCB. Each country has its own two-digit code. The final 7 digits are a non-significant number that can be alphanumeric.

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