Your Military Spares Supplier

Megabite Electronics, Inc. is proud to be your reliable and trusted military spares supplier. Our commitment to unparalleled customer supports allows us to provide you with the highest quality goods and services. We only supply the most durable and highly demanded military spares for various applications including military grade air crafts, vehicles and weapons.

Military Spares Experience

Our nearly 40 years of experience have given us the knowledge to help you find any part you are looking for. Our professionally trained military spares and parts experts have extensive background in this field and are prepared to thoroughly and accurately research any parts you need. We supply parts from top brand names, including:

  • Air Dry Co. of America
  • Automatic Connector
  • Data Bus Products Corp.
  • Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC.

By getting our products from a diverse range of distributors, it ensures that our quality is maintained and passed onto you, the buyer. Choices are a key aspect to any business and providing customers with a range of products to choose from, they will may be exposed to items that they previously thought they did not need. And it is simply great exposure for products looking to get recognized.

Quick and Easy Access

Many of these spares have interchangeable uses for the military and our inventory can be quickly accessed. Due to our prompt services in what can be an unpredictable marketplace, we have gained a reputation as a trusted supplier for the military industry and its demand for spare parts. We aim to have strong relationships with all of our customers and supply them with products that give them optimal satisfaction. 

Certain military vehicles and applications require different parts. Our expert staff understands the ins and out in the industry and will give your situation the care and attention you deserve as a customer. Your input in valuable to us, as we aim to meet your standards, not matter how high they are. Don't get tied down with a company who does not treat you respect and attempts to haggle and bargain their way into making a profit. With us, we only aim to please one person: you. If you're happy with our dealings, then we will be happy as well. If there is anything you are interested in, please request a quote. We can provide you with any information you'd need.

Nationwide Military Spares Distributor 

Megabite Electronics is your one-stop military spares supplier. We ship all of our military spares to clients around the country at prices that are unbeatable. Contact us today for more information about our line of products. The number to call is 718-349-8043. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have with any of our products or supplies. We aim to have a healthy relationship with all of our customers and look forward to working with you.