Since 1953, Air Dry Co. of America has dedicated itself to the research and development of precision products manufactured to the highest standards of quality assurance. It is a California based company whose primary products are air and gas dehydration and purification systems and concurrent air handling components. These components consist of high-pressure air reducing manifolds, dew point monitors and gauge valves.

Products Available

They offer the following products: Air control panel, Frostpoint/Dewpoint indicator low and high pressure, G40 Series Cartridges, Natural Gas Sweetening Unit, Gage Valve (meets MIL-V-24578), Globe Valve, Ground Cooling Unit, High Pressure Dehydrators, Stationary SCUBA and SCBA Air Compressor and Purification Systems, Humidity Sensor, Low Pressure Dryers, Manifolds, Moisture Analyzers.

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Megabite Electronics is a trusted and authorized military spares distributor. We distribute these products internationally. We believe in having a quality customer service staff who will strive to make your purchasing decisions quick and easy. If you have any questions about Air Dry Co of America's products, please contact us today. Air Dry is a Total Service Organization serving defense and industries on a worldwide scale. You may dial (718) 349-8043 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.