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Welcome to Megabite Electronics, Inc.

Megabite Electronics was founded in 1978. Since our inception we have been principally serving US Defense markets by offering a selection of military spares from inventory for emergency buy or build to order product. All offered parts are factory new with complete certifications.

Despite our currently intimidating and unpredictable economic landscape, military spares distributors & manufacturers have great trust in how we continue to guarantee professionalism, outstanding quality products and strong relationships with its customers and clients. Due to this reach, Megabite Electronics is worldwide. We reach customers across the globe with our array of dependable military supplies.

Requesting a quote with Megabite Electronics has never been easier. Get trusted and reliable service with a free quote on your military spares today. We have years of experience in the industry and can ensure we provide you with accurate information. When shopping for military spares, it is important to check the market. By receiving quotes for what we offer, we provide you with the opportunity to get the best deal available.

What Are Military Spares?

Military spares are interchangeable parts, or replacement parts, for military grade weapons and vehicles. These spare parts are kept in an inventory so that they may be quickly accessed and used to either build or fix any materials used by the military. We have a great selection of quality items.

In order to supply and distribute these sorts of items legally, you need to be authorized, which we are. You can request a free quote on items you are looking for to quicken to buying and selling process. We aim to provide you with outstanding customer support and make this interaction go smoothly for all sides involved. 


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Mil-Spec Packaging
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Megabite Electronics is capable of supporting emergency orders with spare or replacement parts.
For more information contact our
sales department @ 718-349-8043

All Megabite Electronics military spares are factory new with complete certifications.

Megabite Electronics Vehicle Parts

Our company handles any hardware, consumables, MRO services and other assembly parts from military vehicles. Megabite Electronics also can provide spare parts for combat vehicles and engineering equipment, reconnaissance vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APCs), light armored vehicles (LAVs), mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles, self-propelled artillery and parts for various military trucks. Get the best military spares on the market.

A Trusted Military Spares Distributor

Megabite Electronics can quickly and efficiently process and price demanding supply lists, access an extensive parts library, cross-reference all part numbers, National Stock Numbers (NSNs) & National Item Identification Numbers (NIINs). Deciphering MIL-STD shipping and packaging codes is made easy. And with our experienced technical support and account staff, Megabite Electronics can provide a certificate of conformance at any time. We are partners with various other companies, which enable us to provide our customers with only the very best products on the market. We are an authorized distributor of military spares and are proud to be your nationwide military spares supplier. We can provide quality services to adhere to your demands. For more information about all the military spares in our inventory, please contact us today. The number to call is 718-349-8043.

Megabite Electronics
Military Spares
Military Spares Supplier

Megabite Electronics is an authorized military spares distributor for:

Air Dry Co. of America 01496
Automatic Connector 94375
Data Bus Products Corp. 03JJ7
Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC 07418